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Plano CRM is a easy-to-use tool with a full set of features
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What is Plano CRM?

Connecting teams and customers

Plano CRM is a complete CRM that make it simple to mange your business on the daily basis. It allows you and your team to better organize all the daily workflow of your business. Take control of everything from a lead opportunity to a the final sale to the customer. Everywhere. Anytime.

Is it for you?

Yes it is

Plano is a very versatile system that suits very well for B2B and B2C strategies. If you sell products or deliver services in any kind of industry you can benefit from Plano CRM tools. Check some of the key features and request access to a free demo.


Key Features

Plano is packed with the most useful features for your business, here is a list of the key features you get:

Custom Dashboard

A custom dashboard so you can pick the information that is most relevant to you to keep an eye on.

Customers Accounts

A complete customers account feature whe you can enter contacts information, addresses, notes, payments, contracts, projects, expenses and more.

Customers Backend

A separated system where your customers will be able to log in and see their invoices, project status, charges and get support from your team.

Products and Services

Create your products or services inventory to easily create invoices and estimates for customers and get easy revenue reports.


Create invoices from the the list of products and services for any customer, or enter custom charges. You can send the invoice by email, print or download as a PDF.

Payment Systems

You can connect Plano with the most popular payment systems like PayPal, Stripe, and 2Checkout. Making charging a breeze.

Lead / Opportunities

Watch the opportunities progress in the sales pipeline, get real time reports on the number of leads closed and the status of each lead.

Web to Lead

Create forms to automatically receive leads straight from your website or other sources. No need to manually add leads anymore!

Online Contracts

Send and get contracts signed online with a simple and powerful tool that allows you to officialize deals in a matter of minutes.


Control your daily schedule, projects deadlines and taks to be done with with a simple and intuitive calendar.


Get organized and take control of all your tasks with a simple and intuitive taks management tool


Crete project for each customer, calculate costs and add team members. Manage the progress as it goes and keep control of all steps.


Send quick and easy estimates to customers. Keep track of them and easily convert it to invoices.


Get updated reports on the performance of your sales, invoices, expenses, projects and more. Export your number to Excel or PDF and print it as you need.

Business Expenses

Does your team travels a lot for business trips? Lunch with customers? Stationary? Enter all the business expenses, that way you know your costs to operate.

Customer Support

Make the communication with your customers flow easier with he help of support tickets that they can open in the Customers Backend.

SMS Communication

Connect Plano with the popular SMS Gateways like Twilio and Clicatell to send and receive SMS alerts to customers and staff.

Email Templates

Create email templates for invoices, contracts, estimates, projects and support tickets, making your communication with customer easy and organized.

User Roles

Create different user Roles for each member of your team, giving them access to what matter for their role and keep sensitive information safe.

Multiple Currency Support

Plano also allow you to add or change the default currency, so you can customize it to your location and also send invoices and estimates using your customers currency.

Multiple Language

Plano allows you to change pick your default language. Choose between English, Spanish, Chinese, German, Italian, French, Portuguese and others.

What customers say

Get the word from our customers:

"We started using Plano CRM and now our workflow is way more organized. Simple to use, easy to navigate and excellent support. It is a great asset to our business."

Mark D.
Pharmaceutical Industry

"Plano is one of the best changes we have implemented in the past few months. Our staff can now quickly update status and send invoices to customers."

Jennifer S.
Clothing Industry

"Our customers can now contact us and see their projects status in a organized manner. And our team is more connected and informed now."

Mark D.
Construction Industry

Happy customers. Happy life.

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